The Snowden Effect: Deflection, The Cold War, and Old Tropes

Snowden is a convenient way to irritate the U.S. and deflect criticism surrounding the human rights situation in Russia by accusing America of hypocrisy.  –  Dr. Danielle Johnson

Similar could be said for America’s stagnant misunderstanding of Russia, describes Dr. Danielle Johnson, Global Insight’s Democratic Governance and Russia expert.  In her recent article, Dr. Johnson describes American and Russian relations from the perspective of a recent Moscow transplant.

This introspective piece speaks to our mutual inability to move beyond the Cold War toward progress and collaboration.   She writes, “By looking at Russia mainly through a Cold War lens, Americans risk ignoring the actual motives behind Putin’s governance tactics – and the reasons why they have often been welcomed by the population.”

See Dr. Johnson’s full post here.