Global Insight catalyzes social change through our uniquely data-driven, mixed-methods, and gender-sensitive approach that provides a truly holistic understanding of the human experience.

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Global Insight is a team of social scientists with a flair for ‘big data.’

We use technology as a mechanism to propel progress, and utilize the latest software and field-based technology to gather and analyze data. Largely obsessed with data visualization, our team translates multidimensional research questions into agile indicators, accessible analysis, and concrete recommendations.

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Mixed methods, or ‘holistic,’ research and evaluation are our secret weapons.

For over two decades, we have worked with clients to create, expand, and refine impactful organizations, programs, and analysis. In consultation with our collaborators – clients, program partners, and beneficiaries – we quantify qualitative findings or pair each qualitative project with a complimentary dataset. This integrated and comprehensive research methodology offers both a local and global view of any project, allowing maximum agility in response to the needs of beneficiaries.

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Whether by disaggregating data or simply understanding the distinct cultural contexts in which gender identity is lived, a gender-sensitive approach is foundational to our work at Global Insight.

The Global Insight team has both formal training and practical experience in gender analysis. We recognize that the application of a gender-sensitive lens is necessary at the brainstorming, implementation, evaluation, and refinement stages of any project. This unique point of view has proven innovative in an industry often struggling to ‘mainstream’ gender.