We are a multidisciplinary team of social scientists with technical expertise in data analysis, monitoring and evaluation, and social research. Global Insight was founded as a unique consultancy explicitly tasked with engendering social change through mixed-methodological, gender-sensitive, and data-driven approaches. Our team maintains thematic and regional specialties, with each of our projects built on our foundational core values – agility, collaboration, intersectionality, gender-sensitivity, and participation.

Past projects have included work in a range of thematic areas including, but not limited to, aid effectiveness, countering violent extremism, education, gender-based violence, gender equality and women’s empowerment, humanitarian aid and refugees/IDPs, maternal and child health,  microfinance, and political participation.

The Global Insight team has completed consultancies throughout the world, with particular interest in Central Asia, East, West and Sub-Saharan Africa, India, and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).


Data Analysis

Empirical data analysis is a cutting-edge driver of progress in the international development and human rights community.

Translating that analysis into accessible data visualization and audience-friendly meta-reviews, we operationalize findings to improve programmatic impact which, in turn, garners greater funding for our clients. Our work fuses empirics with social theory and cultural specificity to produce evidence-based and agile measurement tools, infographics, reports, program evaluation, and bespoke research.

Global Insight offers a range of data analysis support from one-off or retained data analysis consulting to full-scale data gathering and management. We advise on the use of data in program models, and support the integration of mixed methodologies in our client’s work.


Monitoring & Evaluation

Our evaluation work always comprises a large component of program learning, by which we provide valuable feedback to be integrated into program response and improvement.

Our team of experts at Global Insight supports the program learning needs of our clients at any stage, whether building custom monitoring & evaluation frameworks, gathering and analyzing data to inform larger evaluations, advising on appropriate indicators and measurement tools to use, or conducting full-scale baseline, midterm, or final evaluations.

Our work is derived from a distinctly collaborative and participatory approach that has proven most useful to clients, both as an accurate assessment of existing programs and an invaluable source of information for the design of future programming. Drawing on the expertise of local staff, international partners, beneficiaries, and our team of experts, we maximize the breadth of international perspective and local knowledge that is at our disposal. This process also serves an organic capacity building role, as stakeholders learn alongside one another from within the project space.

All full program evaluations include a final report with concrete recommendations based on our findings and web-ready infographics. We encourage clients to present this work to donors and partner organizations as a way to ultimately bolster funding and support.


Bespoke Research

Our research is tailored to answer specific questions relevant to the needs of our clients.

Global Insight is frequently approached to conduct research in specific thematic areas. These customized research projects can take the form of meta or sectoral reviews, fact-finding reports, field assessments, stakeholder and resource mapping, and empirical studies.

For clients struggling to develop concrete research questions around a broad organizational challenge or query, we also provide consultation and research design support. We are a team of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methodological research experts. Our clients draw on this depth of specialty to develop new, enhance existing, and finalize research broadly within the international development and human rights fields.