Agile, Data-Driven, Collaborative, Intersectional, Gender-Sensitive, Participatory, Holistic

At Global Insight, we believe the human experience is complex but knowable. Our desire to fully understand and translate these complexities into meaningful information is what drives our work. We catalyze sustainable social change through our uniquely data-driven, mixed-methods, and gender-sensitive approach that provides a truly holistic understanding of the lived experience. Our team operationalizes this belief through innovative and agile data analysis, research, and monitoring and evaluation. In so doing, we enable our clients in the international development and human rights space to create, expand, and refine impactful organizations, programs, and communities.

Headquartered in New York City, Global Insight is a multidisciplinary team of social scientists with the singular purpose of translating multidimensional questions into concrete measures of impact that lead to tangible solutions. Our unique emphasis on collaboration fosters a shared vision of progress that positions the Global Insight team, our clients, and our clients’ beneficiaries as equal stakeholders. We utilize this collective expertise to work with you rather than for you.


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The human experience, and our related ability to affect social change, is complex. Data – whether from a quantitative dataset or derived from qualitative findings – allows us to parse out these complexities and highlight the trends, structures, and progress often felt but unseen by the naked eye. Global Insight uses data to model and map the intricacies of program impact, lived experience, and social change, and employ that information to engender robust change across a wide range of variables.

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Our work is about catalyzing social change. We believe a mixed-methodological approach adds depth and nuance, which would otherwise be ignored by the siloed nature of traditional research. Moreover, pairing quantitative data with rich qualitative findings presents a truly comprehensive view of program impact, organizational sustainability, and human experience. We then feed this powerful information into integrated strategies and recommendations for our clients’ problems.



Gender is the lens through which we see the world, make decisions, and find value in our communities. The application of a gender-sensitive approach is therefore requisite to all of our work at Global Insight. We consciously and consistently embed our gender-sensitive approach in all of our work. In so doing, we are able to more fully understand the intersection of identity and programmatic impact and sustainability.

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Holistic Approaches to Research

Interviews, indicators and datasets, and field notes galore!

Global Insight worked with Mimo Finance, a microfinance institution in northern India, to develop a framework for agile measurement of client dropout and highlighted mitigating factors which would improve client retention. Learn more here.

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Resources for Mixed-Methodologies

Technology + Big Data + Interviews & Focus Groups = Nuanced Analysis

Research with human subjects requires patience, attention to detail, and a love of intersectionality. Our team uses the latest software to analyze qualitative and quantitative data. Global Insight’s unique process involves not only separate but also paired analysis to achieve a complete measure of programmatic success, impact, and sustainability. Learn more here


Gender Analysis for Logic Models, Results Frameworks, & Theories of Change Workshop

June 11, 2015

1-5p in Midtown Manhattan

Improve integration and institutionalization of a gendered approach in program creation, implementation, and assessment. More information here.

Limited spaces available. Reserve your place for this workshop here.

Integrated Outcome Mapping Workshop

June 15, 2015

1230-430p in Midtown Manhattan

Using the power of Global Insights’ unique outcome mapping exercise, learn to harness the full potential of stakeholders and create highly impactful programming focused on your organizational goals. More information here.

Limited space available. Reserve your place for this workshop here.

More events coming soon. See our events page for more details.