We believe the human experience is complex but knowable.

Headquartered in New York City, Global Insight was founded by Jillian Foster in 2011 as a unique consultancy explicitly tasked with engendering social change through mixed-methodological, gender-sensitive, and data-driven approaches. We are a multidisciplinary team of social scientists with the singular purpose of translating multidimensional questions into concrete measures of impact that lead to tangible solutions. Our unique emphasis on collaboration fosters a shared vision of progress that positions the Global Insight team, our clients, and our clients’ beneficiaries as equal stakeholders. We utilize this collective expertise to work with you rather than for you.

Global Insight catalyzes sustainable social change through our uniquely data-driven, mixed-methods, and gender-sensitive approach that provides a truly holistic understanding of lived experience. Our team also maintains thematic and regional specialties, with each of our projects built on the core values of agility, collaboration, intersectionality, gender-sensitivity, and participation. In our over two decades of experience, the Global Insight team has completed consultancies in every region of the world.

JF (headshot)

Jillian J. Foster, CEO

Jillian Foster’s research and professional career focus on the use of innovative methods to study gender identity, political action, and violent extremism in conflict. Foster has been recognized as a thought leader in the feminist research community, advising many of the world’s leading non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and human rights institutions.
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You can find Foster on Twitter @jillianjfoster and on LinkedIn.